Leadership Training:

The Leadership Training involves two sessions lasting 90 minutes each, both of which must be attended.

You are required to submit some pre-work: this is detailed in the Participant Workbook which you can download from this link. Please read this through and submit your preparation for Session 1 to safeguarding.training@london.anglican.org, at least 4 working days before the first session. This is a requirement and if we do not receive your pre-work, you will not be given entry to the training.

Please complete the Basic Awareness and Foundations courses if you haven’t already (and you might find it helpful to review them if you have done them previously). These are are self-taught online and can be found on the Church of England Safeguarding Training Portal.

To sign up to the Leadership Training, click on a set of dates below, and complete the registration form. These are split into online (ZOOM) dates and in-person dates (more in-person dates are to follow):


Monday 28th November & 5th December at 10am-11:30am

Tuesday 6th & 13th December at 10am-11:30am

2023 Dates

Online Via ZOOM

FULLY BOOKED Monday 9th & 16th January at 10am-11:30am

FULLY BOOKED Thursday 19th & 26th January at 7:30pm-9pm (EVENING)

FULLY BOOKED Tuesday 31st January & 7th February at 10am-11:30am

FULLY BOOKED Tuesday 7th & 14th February at 7:30pm-9pm (EVENING)

FULLY BOOKED Saturday 25th February & 4th March at 10am-11:30am (WEEKEND)

FULLY BOOKED Friday 3rd & 10th March at 10am-11:30am

FULLY BOOKED Monday 13th & 20th March at 7:30pm-9pm (EVENING)

FULLY BOOKED Tuesday 14th & 21st March at 7:30pm-9pm (EVENING)

Saturday 1st & 8th April at 10am-11:30am (WEEKEND)

FULLY BOOKED Wednesday 19th & 26th April at 10am-11:30am

Tuesday 9th & 16th May at 7:30pm-9pm (EVENING)

Tuesday 16th & 23rd May at 10am-11:30am

Friday 9th & 16th June at 10am-11:30am

Saturday 17th & 24th June at 10am-11:30am (WEEKEND)

Tuesday 20th & 27th June at 10am-11:30am

Monday 3rd & 10th July at 10am-11:30am

Thursday 13th & 20th July at 10am-11:30am

Saturday 15th & 22nd July at 10am-11:30am (WEEKEND)

Monday 31st July & 7th August at 10am-11:30am

Monday 14th & 21st August at 2pm-3:30pm

Thursday 7th & 14th September at 10am-11:30am

Saturday 9th & 16th September at 10am-11:30am (WEEKEND)

Monday 2nd & 9th October at 10am-11:30am

Friday 13th & 20th October at 10am-11:30am

Monday 23rd & Friday 27th October at 10am-11:30am

Tuesday 7th & 14th November at 2pm-3:30pm

Monday 13th & 20th November at 10am-11:30am

Monday 27th November & 4th December at 10am-11:30am

Tuesday 5th & 12th December at 10am-11:30am


FULLY BOOKED Monday 13th & Friday 17th February at 10:30am-12pm – London Diocesan House, 36 Causton Street, London, SW1P 4AU

Monday 27th & Friday 31st March at 10:30am-12pmLondon Diocesan House, 36 Causton Street, London, SW1P 4AU