At the Diocese of London we all have a part to play in creating a safer Diocese

We need to create a culture of informed vigilance, taking our safeguarding responsibilities seriously. To this end we are working to ensure that everyone has up to date safeguarding knowledge appropriate to their role, so that we can carry out our responsibilities with thoughtfulness, commitment and care. 

To assist with the creation of a safeguarding culture for each PCC (or equivalent body) we have put together a Parish Safeguarding Checklist, including some templates. We will keep the guidance in this Checklist, including the templates, up-to-date, and notify parishes as and when changes are made.

However the most up to date resources can always be found on one of the following web pages pages:

  1. Church of England Policy and practice guidance
  2. Church of England Templates and Resources pages
  3. Useful links under the Parish Resources tab of this website
  4. Recruitment page under the Parish Resources tab of this website