Church/Parish Safeguarding drop-in sessions

We hold monthly drop-in sessions on ZOOM for parish safeguarding officers to ask general questions about safeguarding, including the parish safeguarding dashboards, or just to come and listen.  These are held in the first week of the month, on different days and times of day to try to accommodate as many as possible.

We are aware that everyone has commitments so you are welcome to stay for as long or as short as you wish.  The upcoming sessions are as follows:

  • Wednesday 4th October 2023, 1100-1130
  • Tuesday 7th November 2023, 1430-1500
  • Monday 4th December 2023, 0930-1000
  • Wednesday 3rd January 2024, 1900-1930
  • Monday 5th February 2024, 1000-1030
  • Wednesday 6th March 2024, 1500-1530
  • Tuesday 2nd April 2024, 0930-1000
  • Thursday 2nd May 2024, 1900-1930
  • Friday 7th June 2024, 1100-1130
  • Thursday 4th July 2024, 1400-1430
  • Sat 3rd Aug 2024, 1000-1030
  • Monday 2nd Sept 2024, 1400-1430
  • Wednesday 2nd October 2024, 1000-1030
  • Thursday 7th Nov 2024, 1100-1130
  • Saturday 7th December 2024, at 0930-1000

Parish safeguarding officers listed will be emailed prior in the week prior to the sessions with a reminder of the ZOOM link, so please ensure your Area office is updated with any changes in safeguarding officer in your parish.  If you would like to contact us about these sessions, please email