Summary of December 2023 drop-in session

What should I report to the PCC meetings?

  • The number of safeguarding concerns, but no need to share any detail
  • The Parish Safeguarding Dashboards Action Summary. This can be emailed from the dashboards home page and gives a summary of outstanding actions

What should teenagers do to help in Sunday school?

  • Basic and preferably Foundation (optional)

How should safeguarding files and information be stored?

  • Somewhere that can be locked, giving only those who need access.
  • Not in your house.

Do parish administrators need safeguarding Leadership training?

  • Not unless the role also specifically requires it in the local context
  • Parish administrators should complete safeguarding Basic and Foundation training

Do those who are ordained need to take the same training as anyone else?

  • Yes they do, but it is the responsibility of the Area office to ensure clergy do the required training

Promoting a safer church action plan

  • This is automatically generated on the Home page of the parish safeguarding dashboards. At the bottom of the page click Send me the Action Summary – A full Action Plan for discussion and the approval by the PCC

How do I get onto Parish Safeguarding Officer training?

Who needs safer recruitment training?

  • Line managers and anyone involved in the recruitment of Church Officers (employes, elected members and volunteers)
  • Those with responsibility for administering DBS
  • Safeguarding Officers
    It was noted that some find it easier to turn off the video off and listen to the training.

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