Why are we being offered this training?

In 2019, the safeguarding team conducted a survey of CSOs, both to update our records at that time, but also to understand the challenges they faced and where they would value additional support. Overwhelmingly they shared with us that they felt that there were particular types of issues that they would value more information about for example dealing with people with mental health difficulties or addiction etc that were not necessarily dealt with as part of the mandatory training.

Am I required to use this training platform?

No  – this is not mandatory training. It is offered to enhance our training offer and it is for you to use if you would find this helpful for planning ahead of any difficult issues that you may face where there may be safeguarding issues.

Once I receive my log in details will I continue to receive emails from MeLearning?

No  – apart from the initial welcome email, you should receive no further emails from them.

Who should I contact if I have any further questions?

Please do contact Susie Barber, Safeguarding Administrator (training) safeguarding@london.anglican.org who will either reply to your question directly