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Past Cases Review 2

The PCR2 has a key focus on listening to survivors who want to come forward. The Church was criticised for not including their voices in the original PCR in 2007 so it’s important for us to get this right. Consultation with and advice from survivors of abuse within the church, alongside advice from trauma-informed professionals, is central to the discharge of PCR2.

Within the Diocese of London, we are working in partnership with two survivor organisations; NAPAC and Victim Support to offer anyone who is currently, or has previously experienced any church related abuse, support. We have developed our survivor strategy which will be added to and strengthened throughout this process in order to learn from our past experiences and be able to offer those coming forward comprehensive support going forward.

Please see our survivor leaflet and strategy for more information

Click here to view the leaflet for survivors

Click here to view our survivor strategy

Get involved

The Diocese of London is working with a group of survivors, we have organised focus groups and the opportunity for survivors to meet with our independent reviewer.

We have also worked with our survivor groups partners to create a questionnaire which we hope will capture valuable information about survivor experience, their journey through the process of working with the diocese and assisting with any support needs. This will help us to truly understand and improve our services going forward. If you would like to help us by providing feedback about your experience with the safeguarding service please click on the link below:

Survivor Experience Survey

If you wish to speak to someone about our services for survivors or to speak with the independent reviewer please contact PCR2@london.anglican.org

For anyone who would rather not contact the diocese directly, an independent helpline has also been opened for survivors of church-related abuse in the UK, which is operated by the NSPCC: 0800 802020. Anyone can use the helpline to provide information or to raise concerns regarding abuse within a Church of England context

The Church of England has also provided further help for survivors. Please view this document.

You can also contact the Truth Project which offers victims and survivors of child sexual abuse the chance to share their experiences and be heard with respect.

It is part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. The Inquiry was set up because of serious concerns that some organisations have failed to protect children from sexual abuse.

Over 4,000 people have already come forward to the Truth Project.

Listening to your experiences and suggestions helps us recommend changes to protect children and from abuse, now and in the future.